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Denver/Boulder Areas

I'm starting a series of studio tours! 

Do you live on the edge of courage and creativity?
Are you living life with intention?
Are you a female artisit, crafter, writer, photographer, athlete, yogi, musician, theater player...?
I want to talk with you!
Contact me if you're interested in learning more about being interviewed and photographed...or

Nominate a courageous woman in your life for this series!

Inspired by courageous women following their true intention, I privately refer to these interviews as

Sankalpa Sessions

The seed of my intention, my sankalpa, was first planted in a Yoga Nidra class. As I continue to foster this young seed of creativity, I'm inspired to talk to other women who are at different stages of their own discovery. 

Inspiration for this series began when reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, who encouraged her readers to create the art they want to see or to write the book they want to read.
I'm going to write the blog I want to read.
Stories about courageous women who are living their true intention.
I've also been incredibly inspired by Grace Bonney's In The Company Of Women, a beautiful book of creative women overcoming struggles to achieve their business dreams.
We all have those secret desires, crazy ideas, and inner voices keeping us down.
2017 is my year of courage.
Join me!

Interview & Studio Tour Archive

Inspiring interview discussing mothering, working, and following passions. 

An essential read for anyone who is seeking courage to try something new, or who is attempting to encourage others along their journey.

Click here to read about Shauna's courageous journey around the globe, landing in Colorado to follow her dream of teaching and opening her own yoga studio. An interview full of love, overcoming self-doubt, and empowering people to let their own light shine bright.

Join the conversation with fine artist Julie Benoit. She is a well-spring of inspiration as she follows threads of interest. Her passion for teaching is evident, and her home studio is packed full of her musings. 

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